At ArtistSignal, we love music. We have been very impressed with the content that so many artists from around the world have created and uploaded to our site in order to bring attention to their formidable musical skills. Since our launch in March of 2012 our primary goal has been to facilitate a platform that helps independent artists expand their fan base around the globe. In the last few years we believe ArtistSignal has deviated from this initial purpose. We know that the large 1st prize award was something many artists strived to achieve. And we understand how good it feels when months of work pay off in the form of a $10,000 paycheck. But was this really expanding the fan base of other deserving artists on our site? How many Top Artists stayed on site after their win and remained active in the community? Not enough of them. Some did, and to those we are truly grateful.  

Currently, when listeners come to the site, the artist they are voting for has directed them there. After the listener has voted for a few artists they then leave, in most cases, without listening to a single song. We think its time to begin moving forward.

The ArtistSignal team has been working long and hard at coming up with new features on the site. We want to greatly enhance the listener’s experience when discovering new artists. We are working to improve our discovery area so that all of our artists are more easily surfaced and showcased. In short, our new goal is to create a platform where music isn’t simply voted on, but listened to and appreciated. We believe that these new features will bring more people to our site allowing our artists to focus on the job they love, creating and sharing their music, as opposed to just coordinating voting sessions.

As most people who believe in the power of music know by now, independent artists are paid quarterly for having their music streamed on services like Pandora or Spotify, and we know that it isn’t a lot. Emerging artists don’t have large corporate labels fighting for them in this new market place. We envision ArtistSignal becoming a streaming service that caters only to these emerging and independent artists. We see the new ArtistSignal as a unique platform that will pay every artist that gets listened to more in royalties than what they could make from any other service. We believe that ArtistSignal will be able to help fill the gaps between album sales, merchandising, marketing, and live shows that other internet streaming platforms simply can’t address.

And so, we are evolving. We are now in the process of building new systems that will greatly improve the discovery process for our talented roster, and enhance the listening experience for everyone. At the same time, we are exploring new ways to properly pay our artists for being heard and appreciated. In order to do this some things must change.

We trust that our commitment to new music and the artists who make it remains obvious. We at AristSignal sincerely hope that our philosophy and our generosity over the years have initiated true feelings of loyalty with everyone who frequents our platform. We are a modest company with a small but dedicated staff who work for very little, who believe in a company that has never seen a penny in profit, all because we believe in the power of music. Any input from anyone who shares our joy and our dream is always welcome. And as always, we appreciate your patience.

Thanks for listening, voting, and caring.

Keep Rockin’

Team ArtistSignal