Earn extra votes!

Now you can earn extra votes on ArtistSignal by inviting your friends! Click the “Learn more…” link on top of artist profiles to open a share box. Share the link above with your friends or share on Facebook & Twitter. Each time a new friend signs up on ArtistSignal using your link, you’ll earn one extra vote you can use at anytime on any artist! It’s that easy!

Starting in April, All Artists Get Paid!

We’re growing and we want to help more artists meet their goals of recording, touring, and funding their next project. So, starting in April, all artists on ArtistSignal will get paid! Each month we’ll continue to give the #1 artist chosen by the users $10,000. In addition, we’re going to payout an additional $5,000 across all remaining artists on our platform. All remaining artists will receive a percentage of the $5,000 based on how many votes they received that month.

Here is how it’s going to work. All votes (excluding the #1 artists) will be totaled in real-time throughout the month and will be divided by the $5,000 to get an amount per vote. This number will then be multiplied by how many votes each artist received that month. Artists’ profiles will show how much they have earned in real-time. The more votes earned, the larger percentage of the $5,000 artists will receive that month. We’ll automatically deposit the money directly into artists’ PayPal accounts at the end of each month.

We’re excited to see more artists meet their goals! Keep supporting your favorite artists and don’t forget to download our new iPhone app here.


The ArtistSignal Team,

Voting Starts Soon!

Voting on ArtistSignal starts in 9 days! The Top Artist each month will receive $10,000 to jumpstart their career.

Tips for a great profile!

  • Upload Any New Music
  • Add Voter Rewards
  • Update Picture and/or Album Artwork
  • Add a YouTube Video
  • Update Your Bio
  • Add iTunes & Amazon Buy Links

New Updates Feature
Anytime you post an update on ArtistSignal all of your past and present voters will be instantly notified of your message. A post can be about what’s going on during the current session or is just a great way to stay connected with your voters day to day. You can also attach a YouTube video or picture to each post.

Login to update your profile before voting begins.

The ArtistSignal Team


Voting Is Back, Monthly, and Better Than Ever!

Over the past couple months we’ve been evaluating how to better serve all emerging artists around the world and how we could greater impact the music scene. We’ve decided to rebuild our entire voting platform from the ground up and we’re excited to announce voting will return on February 1, 2013. Read on to learn all about the changes we’ve made and how you can be a part of all the excitement. 

$10,000 Each Month

A new top artist will be chosen every month instead of every 90 days and will be given $10,000 to jumpstart their career. We are opening up the ArtistSignal platform to all artists around the world and not just the US to allow for emerging artists from all over the opportunity to get discovered.

Monthly Sessions

Going forward all ArtistSignal sessions will be a month long and will start fresh on the first day of every month instead of every 90 days. This will allow more artists the opportunity to be a part of the competition and share their music with the world.

Voters Login with Facebook

All voters on ArtistSignal going forward will be required to login using their Facebook account when they sign up or login to vote. It will make sign up or login a one-click breeze for all users who want to participate. All voters will be voting and commenting under their real identity while on ArtistSignal, and will be able to vote once per hour.

Voter Rewards

Artists can now offer their voters rewards in both digital and physical form, such as a free digital download of their album once you vote 20 times, a free hidden track or music video once you vote 30 times, a signed vinyl for only $5 when you vote 50 times, and a t-shirt for only $8 once you vote 75 times. All priced rewards will be collected securely through PayPal. Artists have complete control over their rewards and the vote number required to obtain them.

Voting Starts February 1, 2013

We are excited to bring you the best emerging artist discovery platform starting February 1, 2013. Be sure to sign up now and start spreading the word! http://artistsignal.com

Let us know what you think of the changes we are making by sending us an email to support@artistsignal.com. We are here for you and value what our users think.

Exciting News from the ArtistSignal Team

Over the past 90 days, we’ve seen talented artists and their fans display incredible efforts to support their music careers. The top two artists this session have gone above and beyond to get their name recognized and to get support from their fans by hosting late night voting sessions, social media campaigns, special live events, and more. We love watching fans support their favorite artists. This is where passion, dedication, and talent come together to shine in these bands and individuals. Tomorrow at midnight (PST) we will launch the all new ArtistSignal. We couldn’t be more excited and have decided there’s no better way than to reward the top two artists this session with $25,000 each. Our most exciting days are ahead and we looking forward to launching the all new ArtistSignal.

-The ArtistSignal Team

Congratulations to Tiffany Alvord for being chosen as the #1 artist! Hear her story… 

Over the past 90 days we have seen an incredible amount of passion put forth by fans and artists alike. Many have worked so very hard to help promote and keep their favorite artist on top. Along the way, fans and artists have united with music being the connection we all share. So, we have decided to give the top three artists at the end $25,000 each. ArtistSignal 2.0 launches tomorrow at midnight and we couldn’t be more excited.

-The ArtistSignal Team